What would it matter, if letters and words don't mean anything?
It makes all the difference in the world, which name we call on, to be saved (Acts 2:38).  Otherwise, we could change any letter we wish.  Just call Him anything, or put in a “J” or any letter we wish! No!  Do we love YaHVaH or not?


Here are just some of nearly thirty witnesses.  These sources prove V came before W.
You might take many hours looking these up. So, if you're interested, see the referenced pages in a good library.  The final proof is in the original documents.  Hebrew letters read from right to left.  Here are a few excerpts:

1. Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew Dictionary, by A.S. Waldstein, Copy 1967 by P. Shalom Publishers Inc. page "A": Alphabet.  "Vau=V"...Notice, NO "W" nor a double V.

2. The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, Doubleday 1962; See “Tetragrammaton”:
"(Gk. “Four-lettered”) term generally used to designate the...Name (YHVH), traditionally not pronounced by Jews and formerly misread ‘Jehovah’ by Christians.  See also  ‘God, Names of’:”  “YHVH”, (The Tetragrammaton or Shem  ha-Mephorash) was the particular Name of the God of Israel and occurs nearly 7,000 times in the Bible…Yahweh has been conjectured…Other biblical terms include Elyon (“The Most High”), which was the Canaanite appellation for their Supreme deity.”
3. The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, Doubleday 1977.  “..Name YHVH”.  See also God, Names of.

4.  The Universal Jewish Ency., NY 1943; Page 203 "Tetragrammaton":  “Yod, He, Vav, He.”

5.  The Hebrew Study Manual Samuel Bagster;  "The Alphabet" Page 3:
“Vav equals V.”  There is no “W “or double “U”.

6.  The New Jewish Encyclopedia, Behrman House, N.Y.,N.Y. 1962: “Tetragrammaton”.
"Jewish mystics were thought to have known how to pronounce the Tetragrammaton and how to make mysterious use of it.  Christians erroneously pronounce the word, ‘Jehovah’, and MODERN (emphasis, ours) scholarship suggests that its original pronunciation was ‘Yahveh’.”   Note,  there isn’t any "W"!

7.  The 26 Letters, Oscar Ogg; pg 74 &106, "The three missing letters, J, U and W, were not used by the Romans at all.  U and W developed FROM "V" about a thousand years ago, and J developed from the letter "I" about five hundred years ago.”  (Thus, the W came in about 971 A.D.)  Page 74 shows a chart of Hieratic, Phoenician letters, with no W, just a “V”, 1150 B.C..  Page 105 shows a Greek-Latin chart: No “W”, just a “V” at bottom right.
Page 109 is another chart; It includes the “V”!

8.The Lost Languages,  P.E. Cleaton; Page 21:
"The expansion of V into U and W (double U) and the differentiation of I and J were later developments which took place in the Tenth and Fourteenth centuries, respectively."

9.Hebrew in Ten Minutes a Day, by Kristine Kershul, M.A., 1992:  This chart includes the “V” but no “W”.
10.The Encyclopedia of Religion,1987, Page 1.  “God in the Hebrew Scriptures”;  “YHVH: This
Tetragrammaton, attested more than 6,600 times…”  Page 218 “Alphabets”:  Under the Hebrew “Vav=V” (Not W). Under the Arabic, “Letter=a comma, Name “waw”. This is evidence of W and later time we may quote a few of the five other references on this W.

11.The First Hebrew Primer for Adults  1983, Pronunciation Chart “V as in Vine.  “Vav”.  It shows the book print, block and script additionally.

12.The Hebrew Student Manual  “The Alphabet” on page 2.  “Vav=V”.

13. Modern Hebrew, A First-Year Course, by Harry Blumberg, Ph.D, 1963. “The Alphabet”:  This chart shows a “V” no “W”.

14. The Jewish Word Book, by Sidney J. Jacob, 1982. A compendium of popular Yiddish and Hebrew words and phrases that color our vocabulary.
     “Yahve, (They left out an “H”), YHVH. The equivalent of JehoVah (God).”

15. Hebrew Pictographic Chart by Living Word Pictures, www.Messianica.Net
“Vav. ‘and’, to add, to secure; nail, peg, V” (No “W”).

16. The Alphabet, Hebrew for All” by Harold Levy available from Assembly of YaHVaH, PO Box 1010, Stilwell, Oklahoma 74960. , pg 18, “Vav, V as in vat”.

17. Letter from Block Publishing Co, “The Jewish Book Concern”, 31 west 31st st New York, N.Y.. to Mr. L. Snow:
“Dear Mr. Snow: With ref. To your inquiry...do not have material explaining the way Sephardic Jews transliterate or pronounce the Hebrew alphabet.  According to our knowledge the ‘Vav” is pronounced as a ‘V’ by Sephardic Jews.  Sincerely Yours, Bloch Publishing Co.”

18.  WWW.AlphabetAndLetter.Com/Hebrew.html Search for J, V and W in the URL
WWW.AlphabetAndLetter.Com/V.html  or  /J.html  or  /W.html. "W is a latecomer to the alphabet, first descended from the Semitic letter vau, which was also the origin of the letters F, U, V and Y."  The website in 2012-2013 was inactive.

PROOF OF THE “W YHWH” is from the theory mainly that Hebrew is only vowel sounds.  Another source is “The Holy Bible”, Saint Joseph textbook confraternity version, Copyright 1963.  On the very inside-cover, half-way down in big letters “YAHWEH” with the all-seeing eye: This Kabballistic symbol should cause a Believer to turn-away from it.

In future articles, we will address the notion of “all vowels and no consonants in Hebrew. The booklet * “Á STUDY OF THE SEPARATED (holy) NAME” by Bill Burton will be examined.  A large part of it is great.  There are few proofs and references in that booklet.  Just these six:
References for "W" in the separated Name are:
1. The Encyclopedia Judaic Vol 7, pp679;
2. The New Jewish encyclopedia 1975 Ed pp. 766 under the title 'G_d'
3. Columbia Encyclopedia Vol. 2 under the subject 'G_d’.
4. The Grote Winkler Prins Encyclopedia under the title 'JAHWE'. "  Other evidence is         given.
5. "The Interpreters Bible Dictionary" Vol 4, page 923.
6. Ripley’s “Believe it or Not” in “Separated Name” page 35.

    Evidence for the “W” is also the following:
7. “Where did the Name of Jehovah come from?” from the NW Synod of Wisconsin                Resource Center.

Therefore, we have more evidence that the Name YaHVaH, NOT YahWeh, is correct. The letter “V” came first.  The "W" came into existence about 1000 years ago.

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