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MEDIA SPOILS BELIEVERS              29 min
Bar music did not influence Church until later.
Do not let worldly culture and music in.

Make a Joyful Noise                           60 min

Music, Melody Harmony, Rythym           30 min

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The world is being polluted by being exposed to INTENSE MEDIA.  We can all tolerate the high-intensity, ultra pace, shrill, pumped-up movies and songs for brief times.  The effect varies at different levels from person to person.
The INTENSE MEDIA is intended to be a band-aid, like caffeine or some drug, to “help you get through the day”.  The effect of INTENSE CULTURE is strong enough to put you into INTENSIVE CARE.  But who cares? iWe have “free” insurance?

Kevin Swanson discusses pop rock stars.  Click on or paste

Here is a sneak-peak at Biblical Perspectives about rock and roll and church rock.  Click on the “Books Description” and look for the book, click “Christian Rock Music” and the selection you want.  The book is for sale also. That is an Adventist group, so our disclaimer basically says, “No one knows it all.  Enter at your own risk.  Be on guard.  YOU are responsible for what you consume.”
The Rock, Rhythm and Response:
“Everything in nature, including the human body, has rhythm. There is a rhythm to the heartbeat, respiration, and speech. Scientists have discovered that even the brain functions in rhythm.8 Brain waves have frequencies that are influenced by physical and mental states.
The same is true in music where rhythm is organized into regular recurring beats.
Rhythm in Rock Music. Rock music reverses the common order of the beat by placing the emphasis on what is known as the offbeat. In the offbeat, the main emphasis falls on beat four and the secondary beat is on beat two.
The first and most important defining and distinguishing characteristic of rock music is its driving, loud, relentless beat.
abilities to receive and deliver the gospel, to pray discursively, and to study Scripture are compromised [by rock music].

Psychiatrist Verle Bell offers a graphic explanation of how rock beat causes addiction: "One of the most powerful releases of the fight-or-flight adrenaline high is music which is discordant in its beats or chords. Good music follows exact mathematical rules, which causes the mind to feel comforted, encouraged, and ‘safe.’ Musicians have found that when they go against these rules, the listener experiences an addictive high.

"Like unscrupulous ‘diet’ doctors who addicted their clients to amphetamines to ensure their continued dependence, musicians know that discordant music sells and sells. As in all addiction, victims become tolerant. The same music that once created a pleasant tingle of excitement no longer satisfies. The music must become more jarring, louder, and more discordant. One starts with soft rock, then rock ‘n’ roll, then on up to heavy metal music."

The Effect of the Rock Beat on Muscles; Rock Rhythm and Sexual Response.
Pleasure-oriented Church Music. The capacity of the rock beat to cause a sexual response is a most important factor to be considered by those who wish to transform rock music into a fitting medium to Christian worship and evangelism. Changing the lyrics does not eliminate the effect of the rock beat because its impact is physical, bypassing the master brain. Ultimately the question is: Should church music stimulate people physically or elevate them spiritually?
Rock Music Is Felt, not Heard; "The Problem with 'Crossover' Artists"
MELODY responds to the SPIRIT
HARMONY responds to the MIND
RHYTHM responds to the BODY

Historically, we noted in Chapter 3 that rock music has gone through an easily discernible hardening process, blatantly promoting, among other things, a pantheistic/hedonistic worldview, an open rejection of the Christian faith and values, sexual perversion, civil disobedience, violence, satanism, occultism, homosexuality, and masochism.”

“ The defense for the use of deafening sound in the church service is that God does not really care about how we sound, as long as we make a joyful noise unto Him. Since rock bands with their electronic equipment produce a powerful, thundering loud noise, it is alleged that God is made very happy by such ‘joyful noise’.”
Free or buy http://www.biblicalperspectives.com/books-descriptions/34-books-descriptions/47-the-christian-and-rock-music-a-study-on-biblical-principles-of-music.html and we hope you never go to INTENSIVE CARE.

Come let us listen to and sing uplifting music and try to drown out the insanity of the worldly cultures.  Turn off “Light FM” “adult AC” “Christian AOR”.  AOR means “All over the Road”.  We want to specifically select cultured music.  Not the bad classical, dead hymns, but music with inspiration, even a  little perspiration! Today’s radio will make someone insane depending on their level of tolerance.
The world is winding up, faster, louder and more chaotic and intensive.
Most of us are caught somehow in the web of the culture of rock.  Go to:
http://www.biblicalperspectives.com/books-descriptions/34-books-descriptions/47-the-christian-and-rock-music-a-study-on-biblical-principles-of-music.html   (same link as above).  This is free Text, PDF or purchase.
Read about the following from the late Samuel Bacchiochi:

Melody Harmony Rhythm
The effects of the Beat; Rock Beat on Muscles.
Rock Music Is Felt, not Heard.
Rock Rhythm and Sexual Response. One of the best known effects of the rock rhythm is sexual arousal. Rock musicians are well aware of this fact and exploit it to their advantage. Gene Simmons of the rock group KISS…

Pleasure-oriented Church Music.   Make a Joyful Noise in Assembies?    Free MP3        Click on our link above.  Length is                              60 minutes
Reasons for Avoiding Rock Music.
The Problem with "Crossover" Artists

The Pulse of the Heart and the Rhythm of Music:

"Too much (or erratic) pulse ........ Body is sick
Too much (or erratic) rhythm ... Music is sick
No pulse ....................................... Body is dead
No rhythm .................................... Music is dead
Pulse under control ..................... Body is well
Rhythm under control ................ Music is ‘well’"

Scriptures discouraging close association with the MEDIA of the world:
Ephesians 4:31, 5:4, 5:11.  Romans 12:1-2

1 Corinthians 5:11 But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.
6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortionists shall inherit the kingdom of God.

Colossians 2:8  Let no man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit.
Bob Larsen of  “The Punk Called Rock” said, “Rock makes an appeal to the physical and carnal.  Those who live superficial lives spiritually will obviously gravitate quickly to such an approach...rock which entertains by arousing the listener sexually, seems extremely ill-fitted to be clothed by the Gospel” --  although in most instances rock is supposedly the ‘medium’ of the Gospel.
Church rock-beat music is as consistent as “Christian” wife-swapping, promiscuity, spiritualism, pot parties, and pornography.
A church group entertained.  Their last song was John Lennon’s atheistic rendition, “Imagine” a world with no god, no rules.
The rock-beat is defended, “You don’t want to lose these teenagers, do you?”
See the pamphlet, “Christian Rock, the New Paganism in the Church” by David A. Noebel (he should have gotten the prize).  It was once available from American Christian College Press, PO Box 45200, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129.
“The Punk Called Rock” had a huge glossary (discography) of  old rock stars.  Of Elton John it is written:  “While John may be respected for his technical brilliance with the piano, his moral views are less shining”  Of course, what business does YaHVaH have in his bedroom?  A lot!  The late artist says, “There is nothing wrong with going to bed with somebody of your own (gender)”. 
I don’t want to dredge-up the Rod Sterwart’s, Alice Coopers, Mick Jagger.  But Most of these guys were into demon manifestation, the occult, Eastern religions, voodoo, sadism, drugs, suicide, glue-sniffing, blasphemy and other evils.  They promoted their beliefs.  Who purchased their media and supported their habits?
My question is “How is our music any different than the world?”  We listen to the same rock-beat stuff and we think just because it is fifty years old, that it is okay to listen to anything! Let us use a little discretion here.
Some oldies songs may be innocent but let us listen cautiously to any kind of secular music. 
We now give you Rock Doc, Christian  MS Word for free.  Click here.

PROFANE BABBLING: 2 Timothy 2:15-16 Shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.
We have all babbled at a time.
We have to manage ourselves not only spiritually, but physically.  Let the body get some exercise. When you left grade, high school or college you may have stopped getting exercise.  If you are able to get away, your mind will become more separated from the world’s noise.  You will be blessed and feel refreshed.
We think of touring the Great Northwest.  Will it be Springfield to see a mall, strip mall or warehouse?  Well, you could have stayed in Detroit or any other look alike area.  Each state has its own heavenly places.  Mount Rainier National Park and most of the Cascades offer a bit of heaven.  Breathe the oxygen and see YaHVaH’s creations.

We have to get away not only from the routine, mundane grey surroundings, but especially from the insanity of the media.  Find a good family custom.
Family traditions include visiting a favorite place for picnicking or an activity.
Away with contamination and conflicts!  You don’t want to be a machine that works 24/7.  According to ZechariYah 14, soon we will Feast with YaHVaH.

“Let us therefore keep the Feast.”  Say not, “In eternity, I will not have any regrets; therefore if I lose all of my rewards, I will be so happy as long as I have my Savior”.  What if you will only see YaHVaH Messiah only once?  ZecharYah 14 seems like people will go up just once per year to praise Him.  You should want to be in the Throne Room 24/7 if possible with YaHVaH!
Sermon Audio gives the world 10,000 speakers who will bless.  The  MP3 player can copy the audio messages quite easily.  Then sit back, ride a wheel chair or bike, or drive to work while listening to hours and hours of Irishmen like Denis Lyle, or Russ Sukhia from Maryland Liberty Church PCA.  Russ's message is titled “We’re not Home Yet” from Revelation 21 and 22.

Then type in the following link to order a great, fairly inexpensive book that says it about the Torah like no one else has.  One of the flaws is Mr. Shults uses a corrupt Scripture text.  The KJV which has the least problems uses the Antioch scrolls.  Most modern versions use the Alexandrian Egypt scrolls.  While these “newer” versions do not use “Thee” for YaHVaH and have even other improvements, they run fatal mistakes.  So, this book will not deceive you with the Scriptures quoted, we recommend Versions which use the Received Text only.  That information is documented well at Giveshare.org.  Now here is the book.  If you already believe in the Law, then the book may help you to have a greater love for truth.  Listen at
"YaH Your Jealous Husband  MP3  46 minutes
Freedom Under Law--Feastdays  18 Minutes   MP3
Resources “Freedom under the Law of God” by Bill Shults.  Excerpts on our Archive page.  Hungry Hearts, PO Box 10334, Jackson TN 38308 U.S.A.

Let us go on to stronger meat and study about our daily spiritual decisions.  We do not want to ignore the milk.  Yes we want to be reminded of our salvation.  We do not want to stop there.  YaHVaH is One and His Word and doctrine are one.  Learn from Him.  Or learn from Hard Knox High School.  Throw away the idols and be real before YaHVaH.

Friends, if I were feeling hostile, I  would not be “walking with YaHVaH” in the Spirit.  How do you work in an atmosphere where they foist hostile rock music ("Light Rock" FM) on you?  What If it is the only store where you can shop?
Mail me if you think you have the answer, or send a paste and send a link in your message.  The link may be in audio or plain text.
My e-mail is the “Contact Button” at the top of the homepage.  Click on “contact via e mail” on most of this same website.  Portions of our podcasts
are beamed to Communists, evolutionists and pagans here at home.

Bing Crosby in the 1940's sang, "It Ain't Necessarily so".  The words were intended to scare people away from The Scriptures.  The song seems to scoff as "myths" the stories of "Adam and Eve", Solomon's wives, Jonah and the Whale, Sampson's hair, and Noah's age of 950 years, Genesis 9:28.
Satan used famous people to try to do away with YaHVaH's authority.
We need to doubt our doubts about Scripture and put little stock in man.

"HE" by the McGuire Sisters tried to make us think whatever we do on earth, and no matter how bad, is just fine with Father.  "Though He sees the way we live, He just says, "I forgive".  That poor attitude led the world downward into deeper compromise and ignorance.  There was no mention of confession and repentance, the turning from sin.  If we love Father then we keep His decrees.

HoseYah 2:16-23 "It shall come to pass in that day that you shall call me Ishi; and shalt call me no more Ba-a-li. :17 For I will take away the names of Baalim out of her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name..I will bethroth thee unto Me."  Go also to JeremiYah 2:23 and 23:17 and 27.
So we are going to stop “bringing YaHVaH’s Name to nought”.  Let us desist in our usage of Ba’al titles instead of YaHVaH’s true Name, YaHVaH.  Please view  “Why the V in YaHVaH?”    

Halloween & Rock                                   35 minutes

         Shalom my friends, until next time, Brother TsephanYaH

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