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Encouragement; Feedback

by TsephanYah Eber on 07/14/16

Be encouraged in YaHVaH.  Preparing for Millenium New Jerusalem.  Our Savior is waiting to call His bride home.  We have dress rehearsals three times per year at Pesach, Shavout and Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret. Not sure where we will meet late this summer for Sukkot, Last Great Day, probably same as last year with a dedicated, serious loving group in the Pacific Northwest of North America.
By the way, if there seems to be a serious mistake please share it with me by Email. We cannot change everything because of one person's opinions or something he found on the Internet necessarily.  We will consider and perhaps share with others the issue if we cannot find a solution.  You got to ignore the little petty things we find.  We want to encourage all to obedience.
         If there is a presentation, message or text you really like, please express that to us here on the website. 
I think there is a problem at the bottom, in copying the password which is Italics, calligraphy, or sideways letters.  I will contact the server.  If you have the same problem we do, and you want to post a blog, but have difficulty, Email to TsephanYaH@YaHVaHYahweh.Name or post the message in our Guestbook page.  It is listed on many webpages.
Shalom, your fellow brother in the Word, TsephanYah, Keep the faith, brother or sister.

Friend & Wife

by TsephanYah Eber on 05/11/13

TsephanYah found a beautiful young woman (my age) and she loves Father and His Son.  We are keeping Torah, by the Spirit.  We were wedded in a wonderful ceremony with our immediate friends.

We Love our heavenly Father, romance, music, culture, creation, some travel and life. We live in a town of 200 people on the river; the views are awesome. The Ebers are grateful for all of life, living in a free country.
Sincere friendship is most important.
Most passionate about knowing the Savior Most High and His second coming.
Thank you for praying.  We made the best decision, the timing of marriage, and all things ready.  The Bridegroom was waiting.

We shall be fellowshipping at a Washington camp for Sukkot. Speakers are inspiring; they read the Word, and they stick to it. We live and work together.  We worship the King of Kings.
If unable to attend and you are in remote or an Urban area feeling trapped, take the Scriptures, a picnic basket and get your tzi-tzis on a bus, train, taxi or bike to the end of the line.  Sit, read the word, enjoy the food, invite friends.  Keep their minds on the subject matter of past or present Scriptures and the New Jerusalem soon to come.
Hobbies: Hiking, downhill-snow skiing; spiritual and Big-band music, Classical,  and oldies music, accordian playing; going out to eat, camping, travel and especially attending to spiritual things. Jean and I will be looking for new friends as we hear from you, and as we go-up to keep the Feasts. Email contact please look for TsephanYah  at YahvahYahweh.Name, push Email on homepage. Thank you, TsephanYah


by TsephanYah Eber on 05/06/11

We do appreciate that you looked at WWW.YaHVaHYahweh.Name.  It will be enjoyable to other readers and listeners when you write your comments here.  If there is a problem, or you have constructive remarks, do send that to the Email; you might push the "Contact Button".  Please be courteous; try to be relevant to the content here.  Pray first.

If it will not let you post-it, try instead sending the Post by Email, and it probably will get posted.  Or, go to the Guestbook, seen on the Main front page, for example.  Thank you dearly.

It is doubtful that we agree on EVERYTHING.  We relish hearing what you think about today's culture and whether it is blessing us or is cursing us. 

There is much to discuss.  The calendar is the least likely subject which any of us will agree on.  Do you agree that today's common government calendar is not what YaHVaH has in mind for us???

Pagan Names:  Do you have any OTHER words to submit to the blog which might have a pagan origin in direct reference to Scriptural things?

You might share some website links that you respect and enjoy.

We reserve the freedom to EDIT any Blog entry or if necessary to delete it.  We may wish to retire old entries to make room for others.

Here is an excellent topic to put on the Blog table:  What do the Scriptures say on "How can a person become delivered or saved?"  And "What should we be doing until Messiah returns?"

Thank you and may YaHVaH bless us all!

Matthew 5 - Sermon on the Mount
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