This ministry is to encourage all to seek the Word by the power of His Spirit.

Only by the unmerited favor of YaHOSHA Messiah and His blood shed on the gnarly stake at Calvary, are my past sins repented, forgiven and forgotten by Him.  Now that's Someone to do that for me and all Israel.  The "old account" was settled almost  2000 years ago; long ago!

YaHVaH the Father writes His Name and Word in your heart Jer 31. His Word contains the Torah which includes His Sabbaths and New Moons.  When filled with His Spirit, we are enabled to keep His Torah. We are not saved by good works but saved unto good works.  HoseYah 8:12 "I have written to him the great things of My Torah, but they were counted as a strange thing."
IsaiYah 1:22 "Thy silver is become dross; thy wine mixed with water."

The motive for keeping YHVH’S Torah is we love Him.  Keep His Feasts, the dietary laws, tithing and much more all for the same reason; Love for YaHVaH and His Word! The proof is Psalm 19!
His Feasts are good for us; keeping the pagan days is evil. We don’t eat unclean animals, not because they may not taste good, not just because they are unhealthy, but because YHVH calls them an abomination.  “I hate very false way” Psalm 119. The clean went in by sevens.  Welcome YaHVaH to your kitchen.

YaHVaH hates mixture, syncretism, the blending of the pure faith with false religion, using Ba’al’s name for His Name, mixing Babylon with the true faith.  Let us come out of Babylon and enter into YaHVaH’S kingdom by faith in Messiah.
Shalom! We're just going to dive right in with both feet and love YaHVaH.  Study for truth's sake.

What is Love?  1 John 5:2-3 "For this IS the love of YaHVaH that we keep His Commandments.
What is sin?  1 John 3:4 & 5:17 "Sin is the transgression of law."
What is bondage? Galatians 5 "..entangled again with the yoke of bondage."  Bondage comes by sinning.  We MUST repent.
What is liberty? Ps. 119:45 "I will walk at liberty: for I seek thy precepts (commandments)."
Genesis 26:5 "Because that Abraham obeyed My voice, and kept My charge, My Commandments, My statutes (Feasts) and My laws."
Mashiach or Messiah paid the highest, supreme price for our sins.  He underwent insults, tortures and death for us. 1 Kepha 4:7 “But the END of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.”

YaHVaH has answered my prayer for a life partner. She has also lost her spouse recently.  We are continueing to study together about Torah.  The most important quality is that we agree generally about the Faith.  We have some differences.
Most passionate about knowing the Savior most High and His second coming. Hoping to continue our life and broaden our horizons together. Live for YaHOSHA with all our heart.  My qualities are loving, realistic, respectful, humorous, insightful, articulate, creative, very affectionate, self-reliant, polite and flexible.   Email TsephanYah

TSEPHANYAH'S Life from Present to start:

Presently:  Praising YaHVaH every New Moon, Sabbath, Feast Day, and every other day.
2015 Found my wife, friend and lover.
2013 Searching for my new wife and friend.
2011 After forty years of marriage, my wife Penny passed on.
2005 Began publishing YaHVaH not Yahweh.

1995 Studied the Name more clearly using the twenty-five reference books listed in this website that YaHVaH is the Father’s Name but not YaHWeH.

1992 Received documentation that YHWH YaHWeH could be the Father’s Name.

1988 Studied Scripture about the Covenant and began keeping the Feast Days.  Sabbaths, Feasts and New Moons were our way of life.

1985 Attended a Sabbath day Church of God thinking they will switch-over to keeping of Sunday. The Sabbath was then discovered in the Old and Newer Scriptures and in the book of Acts.

1981 We were infertile ten years until prayers were made. Miracles, prophecy, healings led to the birth of our daughter .

In 1978 I became filled with His Spirit. I am a set-apart, saved believer. The evidence was obedience to the Word found also in the book of Acts 2:38.

1975 I no longer trusted in a church for salvation. Messiah called, elected, chose and immersed me into His Name. My past repented sins were forgiven by the blood of Messiah alone.

In 1970 I prayed for a loving wife.  A name, "Penny" came to me miraculously.  Back at my radio station, Penny called my Loveline phone 822-KATA and we became friends.  She was the first in our family to be saved and later filled with the Pure Spirit of YaHVaH.  We were married in a beautiful ceremony supported by both sides of the family. Penny was a blessing.

I had very little discernment.  When Charlie Tuna show was run on KATA with abortion commercials, I did not object.  I only thought it was in very bad taste for broadcasting.  Later, I became convicted of gross sins based on the reading of Scriptures.  Later I would quit the job if it would disengage me from promotion of sin and filth.  YaHVaH brings change in our lives and brings us power and liberty from sinful bondage.

1959 I was raised, sprinkled, confirmed, became an altar boy and memorized prayers in Latin.  I Attended RCC High and prep school with three years of Latin. I averaged B's in that class.  Heavily into radio, I DJ’d, wrote commercials, did public service, and became a newsman in 1969.  Also I became a station electronic engineer.  It was a lifetime career of building and repairing radio stations and transmitters.

TsephanYah worked on this website since the 1990's.  The goal is to help get the Name of YaHVaH published to all Nations.
There is a neglect of teaching the Torah in ANY assembly, and of dangers in modern cultures, flippant attitudes such as "YaHVaH only sees my heart; He just looks at the inside!"  As if that person can do nothing wrong!?  Actions are important also.
Love your neighbor and speak truth to her or him. 
I sign my name TsephanYah.  It also can be said Tsephan ben YaHVaH or "Tsephan, son of YaHVaH". Eber is in Genesis 11:14 and is also the name of a German river.  Shalom!

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It's All About YaHVaH and His Word!
Don't feed the bears, Tsephan!


Fr. Howie Morrison was my high school model.  He lived and slept in his physics classroom.  There was the surplus aircraft radio station, W7ESM, and Howie put me on the AM air and made me the voice.  He built me a power supply, gave me his NC-SW 3 Receiver with three tubes and coils.  Turned on a new aircraft ARC 5 Command transmitter and talked via code CW.
At 100 watts< and a long wire antenna, I did not get out more than a few hundred miles, except when I could skip into Japan.
Morrison was a man!  A good role model for young teen guys.  I only regret that I was the one who nick-named him, Gyro Gearloose.  The whole school picked that up!
If Howard only would have known that I was pretty much doing my best he would have given me reward in Physics. He thought I was holding back on him.  As it was, I did not grade very high.

Howard went on to Africa and was said to have died from malaria. If he only knew that I spent my career on religious broadcasting!
Thanks also to Ron Erickson and others, I went on to be chief engineer at many stations, including a 50,000 watt AM station.
We ran the RCA BTA 50G Ampliphase.  Colonel Lyle Nelson taught me how to tune the modulation for 175 degrees between L & R channels.. The Power Supply employed six giant 857B mercury vapor rectifier tubes.  Two final PA's 5671 I think, had to be mounted using a hoist.
I loved running that unit. I give all to YaHVaH and thankful for the pleasure of being part of religious radio.  Not bad for a nobody!

To Protestants and Roman Catholics from TsephanYah

My first RETREAT was at high school.  At High School at this time of year,we came to school, dressed to relax, and no classes, just time for prayer, reading pamphlets about heaven. 
So, we assembled in class, quietly for one week (or 3 days) and were allowed to discuss spiritual matters at an appointed time.
I enjoyed those retreats very much, and especially my friend, Howard Morrison the physics/radio club leader.  He had a science lab, and aircraft transmitter.  I talked to the world from W7ESM on 40 and 80 meters shortwave.


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