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What Was Added 430 Years Later?
You may ask, “How could the translators be so far off on which
law Galatians is in reference to?”
Even as people naturally assume the things handed down to them
from respected teachers are true, even so the reformed catholic
(Protestant) translators assumed that the understanding of Galatians
handed down to them from their respected forefathers must
also have been true. But Yeremi’Yah (Jeremiah) 16:19 states that
the day would come when we would recognize that our forefathers
handed down lies to us. (Perhaps through ignorance.)

When looking at Galatians apart from a correct understanding of
the Hebrew idioms, it is easy to see how Gentile translators centuries
removed from the Temple service, and full of anti-Semitic ideas such
as replacement theology, would think that it was Elohim’s*A“Torah” Law
that was added 430 years after the promises given to Avraham,
thereby translating the Greek simply as “the law”; Galatians 3:17,18
to imply the “Torah” Law.

But 430 years prior to Mt. Sinai, Avraham was already obeying
Elohim’s “Torah” Law; B’resheet (Genesis) 26:5. We see Noach (Noah)
also being familiar with Elohim’s “Torah” Law as can be seen with his
knowledge concerning the clean and unclean when he took 7 pairs of
every clean, and 2 pairs of every unclean animal onto the ark;
B’resheet (Genesis) 7:1,2; V’yikra (Leviticus) 11. Laban being
familiar with the Torah Law concerning .... likewise
did not touch the saddle to search it after Rachel, 
while on her time of the month had sat on it;
 B’resheet (Genesis) 31;34,35; V’yikra (Leviticus)
These are just a few of the many examples of “Torah” Law
demonstrated as both understood and practiced in B’resheet (Genesis)
long before the Mt. Sinai experience.
As such, the only thing “added” 430 years later at Mt. Sinai that
had never been introduced before was the *B“Testimonial” law 
governing the priesthood and sacrifices given after the Order of Levi;
Shemot (Exodus) 24:12 – 40:33.

And whereas the "Torah Law" was reintroduced at Mt. Sinai and
affirmed in the covenant by the people from Shemot (Exodus)
chapters 20-24, the "Testimonial Law" was given through the
Levitical priesthood; Evreem (Ibrim/Hebrews) 7:11 which was not created
until after Moses came down from the mountain with the instructions
on how to build the tabernacle; 

Shemot (Exodus) chapters 35-40.
But now in Galatians 3:19 and Evreem (Ibrim/Hebrews) 9:15, we see
this law that was “added because of transgressions" would apply
"until the Promised Seed (the Messiah) arrived", and that would act as
a temporary "tutor" to lead us to Messiah; Galatians 3:24,25. Then in
the book of Evreem (Hebrews) this temporary "Testimonial Law" is
shown to now be replaced with the original “Melchizadok” order of
It is interesting that the book of Evreem (Hebrews) speaks plainly
about this change in “law” as pertaining to the priesthood and
sacrifices, even clearly identifying this change with the word “law”;

Evreem (or Ibrim, Hebrews) 7:12. The “law” of which was specific to the
priesthood operations and established when the Tabernacle and
Levitical order of priesthood had been created; Evreem (Hebrews)
7:11. And the “law” of which is clearly identified with animal
sacrifices; Evreem (Hebrews) 10:1,8 and with the purging with
blood; Evreem (Hebrews) 9:22.

As it is written in V'yikra (Leviticus):
6:9 "This is the Law of the Burnt Offering...";
6:14 "This is the Law of the Grain Offering...";
6:25 "This is the Law of the Sin Offering...";
7:1 "This is the Law of the Trespass Offering...";
7:25 "This is the Law of the...Peace Offering..."

It is interesting also that the book of Galatians uses the same language
concerning this “law” that the book of Evreem (Hebrews) does.
Compare for example Galatians 3:19 with Evreem (Hebrews)
9:15, thereby demonstrating Galatians to be speaking about the same
“Testimonial” law concerning the “sacrifices” as the book of Evreem

(Hebrews) is talking about – not about the “Torah” law.
But yet, despite the clear language and related context between the
two Epistles relating the matter of “law” to the priesthood and
sacrifices – the translators chose to ignore these linguistical
connections in favor of the errant position inherited from their
In other words, through its common language and context shared
with the book of Evreem (Hebrews) concerning the priesthood and
sacrifices, Galatians should have had the idioms of “the law”, “the
works of the law” and “the circumcision” translated to reflect the
same discussion of the priesthood and sacrifices that the book of
Evreem (Hebrews) is clearly speaking about.
But instead, the translators ignored the clear linguistical connection
between the two epistles and inserted the “Torah” law into the context
of Galatians.
Then to complicate matters, they then went so far in their doctrine
as to teach that the book of Evreem (Hebrews) – though clearly
speaking about the change in priesthood and sacrifices, is somehow
actually speaking about the “Torah” law. By Torah law, I mean, any
commandment of Elohim they teach we are to no longer obey. For
example, like the dietary laws and feast days; and to keep instead,
their man-made holidays and traditions in place of them.

As a caveat, I will state that the reform movement, known today as
Protestantism, did much service to restore many truths which had
been buried by their mother church. They in fact teach many
very good sermons based on firmly sound doctrine when not talking
specifically about Elohim’s “Torah” Law.

!!! However, Protestantism did not succeed in restoring all that their !!!
mother church had buried, and falls woefully short in comprehending
the place of Torah Law in the life of the believer.
For example, like thinking that keeping Elohim’s Torah Law is
somehow trying to earn one’s way to heaven. But plain and simply, if
obedience comes after salvation, then how does obedience that
follows after salvation from a changed heart, earn a salvation that the
person has already received?
It doesn’t. Plain and simply, those who are unsaved, walk after the
flesh, the nature of which is to obey the Accuser by breaking Elohim’s
Torah Law; but those who are saved - walk after the Spirit, the nature
of which is to obey Elohim by obeying His Torah Law; I Yehochanan
(I John) 3:4-9.

Thank you Jews for Yeshua for clearly showing the distinction between YaHVaH Torah Law and the Testimony Tabernacle Law. Now let us take a quick peek at portion of Galatians.  Also, go to their website and read the Hebrew expressions in Ephesians, Colossians, and much much more.  Shalom!  YaHVaHnotYahweh.com 

2:16 We know that a man is
not acquitted or pardoned
through [the Levitical
sacrifices], but by faith in the
Messiah Yeshua. S o that
now, we as believers in the
Messiah Yeshua {as the
believing proselytes were},
can {now also} be acquitted
and pardoned through faith in
Him {through His voluntary
death and Ruach (Spirit) em -
powered resurrection} , apart
from the [Levitical sacrifices],
for through the [Levitical order
of sacrifices] can no flesh be
pardoned or acquitted.
2:17 But if, while we seek to
be pardoned and acquitted
through Messiah, we our -
selves are found to be guilty
of violating Torah (sinning),
does that make the Messiah a
Servant of sin? Absolutely
2:18 For if I rebuild those
things which I destroyed I will
make myself a Torah violator
(a sinner) all over again.
2:19 For I through the
Torah, died to the law of sin,
so that I might live my life now
for יהןה.
3:2 This only I want to learn
from you, did you receive the
Ruach (the Spirit) {at Shavuot
(Pentecost)} through the
[offering of an animal sacrifice
at the Temple], or did you
receive the Ruach (the Spirit)
through faith {in what you
heard about Yeshua's death
and resurrection}?
3:3 Are you so foolish,
having begun in the Ruach
(the Spirit), are you now being
made perfect through the
{flesh of animals}?
3:10 For as many as
[partake in the Levitical order
of sacrifices] remain under
the curse, for it is written,
"Cursed is everyone who
does not continue to do all the
things written in the scroll of
<the Torah>". *7
*7, The Torah provides blessings
for obedience and curses for
disobedience; D’varim (Deuteronomy) 28,
but under the Brit Chadasha (New
Covenant) promised through Yerem’yahu
(Jeremiah) 31:31-34 the curse is no
longer removed through the blood of
animals; but through the blood of the
Messiah Yeshua, who took the curse
upon His own sinless body.

​3:13 But it is through the
Messiah, {and His voluntary
self-sacrifice}, that we have
now been delivered from the
curses {listed in} <the Torah>,
by taking the curse upon
Himself {on our behalf}, for as
it is written again, "Cursed is
everyone who hangs on a
3:22 And the Scriptures
declare that all have em-
braced sin. But this Promise,
through faith in {the death and
resurrection of} the Messiah
Yeshua, is available to all
who believe.
3:23 But before this faith {in
Yeshua's voluntary death and
resurrection} had arrived, we
were kept safe under < the
Levitical order>, and
embraced by it { as a mother
embraces her child to her
breast}, for the faith which
would later be revealed.
3:24 Therefore, the Levitical
sacrifices acted as our tutor to
lead us to Messiah, so that we
could become ultimately par -
doned and acquitted through
faith {in His voluntary death
made after the priestly order
of Melchizadok}.
3:25 But now that faith
{through our Savior Yeshua’s
death and resurrection} has
come, we are no longer under
the tutor.
3:26 And you are now all
sons of יהןה through faith in
the Messiah Yeshua {and His
death and resurrection}.
3:27 For as many of you as
were immersed under the
water into Messiah, you
have now been clothed with

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